Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new design about wedding dress

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In recent years, wedding dress is not confined to the dazzling white color, comparing to the style historicallyin the past years, it is of more originality in the color choosing now.
The more colorful wedding dresses now include nostalgic lavender dress, fresh & tender yellow dress, soft aqua blue dress, peak green dress, ivory tint dress, lacte dress, highly light champagne dress etc. which subvert the idea of traditional white wedding dress in people's mind.
What they must speak of is that it is not white wedding dress, but each kind of mellow tinge series as mentioned above using in wedding dress or veil are showing out a solemn & elegant characteristic of the marriage dress.
Besides the color changes, now the skirt train design also has lots of kinds of changes, not only has the traditional long trailing & Pompon skirt type, there's also appearing some kind of skirt train above ankle & some kind of dress open knees which set off the bride being lively & . In addition there is another kind of skirt train with folds of narrow gauzes showing more third dimension feeling, it is of grace & romantic.

A-Line/Princess Off-the-shoulder Chapel Train wedding dress for brides 2010 style(WDA0024)

A-Line/Princess Off-the-shoulder Chapel Train wedding dress for brides 2010 style(WDA0024)

About the bride accessories modeling, there's also some changes now. Now the marriage dresses design emphasizes in the waistband's decorating, such as decorative design & bowknot which add some coquettish feeling to the marriage dress. Of work the bride headwear & accessories modeling are paid great attention to as well, such as a large flower type headwear which is of the sharp design. For another example, add some jewelry or crystal to the headwear for ornament are also able to show out the pretty & nobleness of the bride.
In 2011 year, new type wedding dress add some special element, which is different from the custom wedding dress.The hotsy-totsy & green type are popular in this spring & summer of 2011. As well there's another kind of new styles such as the marriage dress with countryside sensual feelings, France sensual feelings, Egypt sensual feelings. Further more there's some kinds of wedding dress type in restore ancient ways being loved by youngs now. Of work now wedding dress in Japan & South Korea short design style are also the favour of the youngs.
That is all to say that there's increasingly creative idea & new design about wedding dress coming out for people to select day by day, the traditional kind of wedding dress is choice for people, but the new style wedding dress can bring you new feeling & appearance in case you select them. People always chase for new things for new feelings, however, they still need to think over it & select suitable wedding dress for our special day in our life, not the lastest style but the most suitable, which can make you look nice & brilliant, that would be the most suitable choice for you!

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