Monday, May 7, 2012

get a dimensional wedding invitation

As a beach wedding ought to be less formal than other kind of weddings, may ask if the marriage invitation ought to even be less formal, or somehow causal. In fact there is no sure answer about this query. Even if a beach wedding is planned, a formal invitation may even be selected. However, it may render more fun if a more casual invitation is selected. Embossing will certainly an ideal choice. What is nice about embossing is that the guests can "feel" the seashell patterns by their hand. Alternatively, you can print images of seashells on the card.

A beach wedding is definitely filled with fun. In a beach wedding, it will be a lot less formal. Both of the couple & also the guests may walk on the beach with their bare foot. The sea & the blue sky definitely form an very pretty picture. The sound of waves from the sea is the most ideal wedding music. The guests can also dress causally. They do not need to put a tie or formal dress on. This is why beach weddings become increasingly popular.

Floral motif beaded bodice over a pleated ball gown skirt

The idea of a plaster seashell as a wedding invitation ought to be fascinating. However, such a sculpture will render difficulties in sending the invitation. You will need to prepare for a higher mailing cost. In case you would like to have even more fun & meaning for your beach wedding invitation. You can put actual seashell in to the marriage invitation. The simplest way is to put a seashell in each envelope. You can also treat the invitation as a sculpture such that the invitation itself is a seashell made from plaster. Besides sticking a layer of sand on the marriage card, a small bottle of sand may also work. You can treat the bottle of sand as a entry ticket & the guests must bring the bottles in order to attend the marriage ceremony & reception.

What is nice about this idea small bottles is that you can get a dimensional wedding invitation & simultaneously it is not difficult to send them out. In case you find this idea of seashell sculpture is difficult for you to handle, you may try an simpler idea. You can put a small little bit of sand in to the marriage invitation. The most convenient way is to stick a layer of sand on the invitation card such that every visitor will know there will be a beach wedding without reading the details of the marriage.

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